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Everything has been starting to make perfect sense and as many times as I’ve felt stupid for not understanding, I’m not going to go back to feeling stupid for just now realizing because all along that was what didn’t make sense.

Done with bein’ my own bitchfriend.

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Home sweet home

Selfie updatez

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Savannah was cool. Gonna miss my babe :(

Optimist Club.

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Sometimes life is merely a matter of coffee and whatever intimacy a cup of coffee affords.

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that time i lost my voice for two weeks. 

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2k13 Selfies 

my gurl

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I could make this sappy but instead i’ll thank you for loving me a great amount and dealing with anytime i’ve farted on you in my sleep. 

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I don’t have many people in my life but between my life sister, my family, and my boyfriend (and all the insects I can get my hands on) I couldn’t imagine anyone beyond them anyway.

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then & now

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